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Facebook Post Deleter

Automatically delete your own FB posts newer than a certain age

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For all the people who like to keep their Facebook timeline clean.

**Disclaimer**: This script is supposed to delete posts. Please be very careful with the inputs you make. We cannot be made responsible for any damage/unintentionally deleted posts.


- Go to your timeline ( and you should see the user interface of the script. It is pretty self-explaining.
- Check what you want to delete (posts, comments, likes) and what the MAXIMUM age (in days - everything older than that will be ignored) should be.
- Currently the script does not have an auto-scroll feature so you should scroll down far enough so that the posts which you want to delete are visible.
- Then click the start-button!

If you cannot see the UI, either FB has changed their page, you need to turn on the script or you need to reload the page.

This is the first version of the script. The following features will be implemented in the future:

- Auto-scroll
- Option to delete posts OLDER than a certain date

Please share your results (positive or negative) so that I can further improve the script. I hope this can help someone.