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Crunchyroll HTML5

Replaces Crunchyroll's HTML5 player with an improved version

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Replaces Crunchyroll's built-in player with an HTML5 setup using video.js. Sure, there's already an HTML5 player in use, but some people aren't too fond of it.

This player supports softsubs with multiple languages and preroll and midrollads.

There are some minor bugs

  • Only in-house ads will play
  • The vjs-ass plugin relies on libjass to work right, so setting that up through @require won't work.
  • On that note, there are some minor bugs with libjass. For example, side-by-side text will result in one "pushing away" the other (Kemono Friends ep. 6 is one example of this). Also, if there are two lines of dialogue and one is removed, the other will move down to take its place.
  • No support for episode previews.
  • No support for autoplaying next episode.