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مراجعة: Good - script works

Posted: 19-11-2020

Hi, if I try to download the subtitles of "The Garfield Show", some episodes ("Home for Holidays" and "Unfair Weather") got the filename "The.Garfield.Show.S01E02". These episodes have episode titles on Netflix and they are from season 2, not season 1. When downloaded both got the same filename so they could be downloaded only separately because the previously downloaded file will be overwritten with the new one.

There are colons in these filenames, maybe that is the problem? Could you fix this please?

Posted: 25-11-2020

Try with 3.4.4. And sorry for late response - Gmail put e-mails from greasyfork in spam...

Posted: 07-12-2020

Thank you, it works fine now.

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