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Command: {\an8}

Dear Sir,

Have been using Greasy Fork for a while now. Works great. However, there are movies and series on Netflix that places the subtitle in the top center of the screen. I don't know the command, but I alway use {\an8). In the movie Birdbox there are subtitles that are places in that position, but when I look into the srt file the {\an8) command is not in front of the line. Am I doing something wrong ? It would be a big help because now I have to watch the whole movie first before writing it to a disc.

Arjan Loots The Netherlands.

P.S. the next version of Subtitle Edit will have a .vtt to .srt conversion. Have a Beta release overhere to test.


New version of the script downloads subs in .vtt format. I just tested and they also contain positioning. I'm not going to edit those subs, I'm letting you download them as is. If you want to have positioning in converted subs too ask Subtitle Edit authors to preserve it when converting to different format.

And no, Subtitle Edit has basic support for .vtt since version 3.2.2.

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