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Allows you to download subtitles from Netflix

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مراجعة: Good - script works

No luck with Chrome & Tampermonkey

Unfortunately, it seems that the script somehow gets blocked by Netflix.
I just installed the most recent version in Chrome v55.0 with Tampermonkey 4.2.7 and when I try to play any episode Netflix just quits with this error message:

Whoops, something went wrong...

Internet Connection Problem

An Internet or home network connection problem is preventing playback. Please check your Internet connection and try again.

If the problem persists, please call Netflix Customer Support at 0800-724-0697.
Error Code: M7111-1102

As soon as I turn the script off, everything works fine again, so I suppose Netflix can detect the script and stops streaming. But maybe it's also a bug in the script or they changed something in the design of the player as the Dev Tools console outputs these errors:

ERROR: Execution of script 'Netflix subtitle downloader' failed! (intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(intermediate value)(...) is not a function
(anonymous) @ VM961:3
(anonymous) @ VM961:4
(anonymous) @ VM961:11839
(anonymous) @ VM935:2
E_c @ VM935:3
E @ VM941:56
create @ VM941:64
z @ VM941:13

VM961:111 Uncaught TypeError: f is not a function
at eval (eval at E_c (:3:114), :111:315)
at processMessage (eval at E_c (:3:114), :21:9)
at postMyMessage (eval at g (eval at exec_fn (:1:108)), :10:16)
at (eval at g (eval at exec_fn (:1:108)), :58:13)
at yf (
(anonymous) @ VM961:111
processMessage @ VM961:21
postMyMessage @ VM963:10 @ VM963:58
yf @ cadmium-playercore-4.0005.984.011.js:5161
(anonymous) @ cadmium-playercore-4.0005.984.011.js:8170

Is there anything I can do about this?
Sigh, that's something wrong with Chrome Tampermonkey and Violent monkey. I just pasted my xhrHijacker library directly to script code instead of using @require and it works fine.

Only Greasemonkey handles @require right. Bugs in Tampermonkey and Violent monkey already reported.

Dev of Violent monkey told me what's the real problem. Fixed. They will fix it too to prevent problems like this in the future.

Thank you very much for your fast reply & fix!
Your tool now works like a charm in Chrome and saves me lots of time and hassle. :smile:
Is there any way I can support your great work? I can't find a "donate" button...

Just spread the word so others can see this script too. :P It adds one line saying the subs were downloaded using this script, it lasts half a second at the very beginning. So just upload those subs somewhere. :)

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