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Black Youtube by Panos modified by Sonic0170

changes the theme of youtube into a Modified White to black gradient.

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This whole script only works on the old youtube, the new theme google has released uses completely different coding and is not compatible with this script.

anyone that wishes to use the code in this script must request permission from panosbabo here which will require you to create a user account on
I am not the owner of this script, i only changed the code to create the white to black gradient effect and altered all HTTP links to HTTPS to comply with Firefox SSL requirements.
check that link to see the original style.
White faded to black instead of dark grey faded to black, everything else is original from panosbabo at the userstyle homepage link.

This script is 100% compatible with Greasemonkey for firefox.

this script is 100% compatible with Stylish for firefox.

VLCTube can be found at for anyone curious

(below is the list of updates panosbabo has made and is copied verbatim from, i occasionally check his script and update my version to match his.)
Updated 06/01/2017 - Removed white areas from Notification box
Updated 12/05/2016 - Corrected gray counter view and white background live chat
Updated 19/02/2016 - Fixed comment section & like-dislike comment buttons
Updated 05/01/2016 - Back to normal
Updated 26/12/2015 - Happy Holidays!
Updated 15/12/2015 - Corrected gradients on Firefox
Updated 20/10/2015 - Fixed appbar-logo collision
Updated 20/09/2015 - Corrected various recent glitches
Updated 26/07/2015 - Fixed black background bleeds in playlist
Updated 15/05/2015 - Re-aligned search bar input
Updated 18/04/2015 - Re-aligned search bar input
Updated 18/04/2015 - Minor fixes in comment section
Updated 11/04/2015 - Corrected white areas in comment section
Updated 07/04/2015 - Fixed logo
Updated 05/03/2015 - Minor corrections
Updated 06/02/2015 - Fixed black background logo
Updated 25/01/2015 - Added visited links on playlists
Updated 12/01/2015 - Fixed "Magic Actions" issue on Chrome
Updated 05/01/2015 - Back to normal
Updated 28/12/2014 - Happy Holidays!
Updated 09/12/2014 - Few improvements
Updated 04/12/2014 - Corrected black checkboxes in chrome (html5)
Updated 30/10/2014 - Fixed Watch Like Buttons
Updated 25/10/2014 - Improved search box on Chrome browser
Updated 14/10/2014 - Fixed share panel buttons
Updated 27/09/2014 - Some improvements for new elements
Updated 18/08/2014 - Fixed several things (Many thanks to userstyle community)
Updated 12/06/2014 - Few corrections
Updated 15/05/2014 - Corrected white areas (Many thanks to userstyle community)
Updated 15/04/2014 - Few corrections
Updated 29/03/2014 - Corrected playlist icons
Updated 19/03/2014 - Minor corrections
Updated 12/03/2014 - Few improvements
Updated 09/03/2014 - Corrected white areas (Many thanks to freecyber)
Updated 05/03/2014 - Minor corrections
Updated 21/02/2014 - New Google-cra(plus) layout
Updated 18/02/2014 - Few improvements
Updated 02/02/2014 - Fixed regexp for G+ comments (Many thanks to MegaScientifical)
Updated 30/01/2014 - Graphics compatibility
Updated 29/01/2014 - Corrected masthead
Updated 28/01/2014 - Fixed action buttons
Updated 26/01/2014 - New cookie fix
Updated 21/01/2014 - Micro corrections
Updated 02/01/2014 - Back to normal
Updated 18/12/2013 - Happy Holidays!
Updated 13/12/2013 - Few upgrades
Updated 09/12/2013 - Fixed foreigners' search box
Updated 07/12/2013 - Removed old & useless elements
Updated 09/10/2013 - Corrected white areas (Many thanks to freecyber)