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Virtonomics: Product Quality Calculator

Adds calculator to factory supply page

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Notes (October 27, 2017):
Updated to work with new site design
Runs best when used with old interface
Feel free to modify it for new interface and post your version of the script

Virtonomics / Virtonomica script adds a calculator to the factory supply page to calculate the quality of product produced using different quality inputs and/or technology level. Enter technology level, quality modifier, adjust quality of inputs if desired, and it will estimate the quality of product you can expect to produce.

For quality modifier, omit percentage (%) symbol. For example, enter 10 for +10% innovation bonus. If more than one bonus, make sure to multiply them. For example, if you have a +10% innovation and +12% specialization bonus, you should enter 23.2 because your bonus is 23.2% (1.10 * 1.12 = 1.232).