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Don't work for me since the last 2 versions.

About: Google Search Extra Buttons

I wanted to to narrow a search to 2 days so I clicked on 2 days nothing happened so I see the those days you are working actively on the script so I forced the update with TamperMonkey and it updated and I tried again but the sadly it was not working.

In short: Nothing happen when I click on a button, I use latest Chromium and TamperMonkey here's a gif to show you: https://i.imgur.com/jftrdi6.gif

Don't worry about my unusual setup it's only CSS and don't mess with Javascript.

If you need more information just ask me. :wink:


  • I test latest version in the Chrome 70.0.3538.110 and Fx 56 - it works in text search and in videos. And it was tested in latest Chromium and Fx 63 for text search. Tomorrow I will test videos in new versions of browsers.

    I may advice to use not latest version of script because site layout may make little changes in various regions and I may not view your version of site.

  • تم تعديل 2018/12/13 Chrome


  • تم تعديل 2018/12/13 Chrome

    I tested it more thoroughly and I found it work with general search but not in video search and not in News search. Everywhere else it work fine.

    Thanks for your quick reply ! 👍

  • تم تعديل 2018/12/14 Firefox

    Fx 63.0.3 in video works normally when click on date interlals in list and in headers. Chromium 70.0.3538.110 (Ubuntu) works also in video and images.

    (But i install its as unpacked extension already. Without Tampermonkey. But results with various methods of install are same usually. Another cause may be little differences of HTML page in various regions. In this case need thin debugging with good expert knowleges in debug methods - set console.log() in code (its are stays and commented) and check points of IF-s in script - would to be executed line 569: if(layout1811 && num !==''|| pdf) {pdf && ev.stopPropagation(); ... - layout1811 must to be is true.)

    UPD: in your screenshot I not show button "Tools". If in your page this button is absent, the page may haven't tool for search by dates interval as there is in pages "Shopping", maps, etc.
    Button 'Tools'