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How to see hidden content without replying?

Posted: 27-12-2022

I saw many developers gathered here. Wondering if someone can help me solve this issue.


Is there any script or extension to view hidden content on websites that unlocks by replying by not replying? This replying matter is a lot frustrating. If someone can help me, I will be grateful. Thanks!

Posted: 03-01-2023

What do you mean by hidden content?

Posted: 21-05-2023

Questions to make the request more clear

  • What website are you trying to view hidden content on?
  • What is the hidden content that you are trying to view?
  • Is the hidden content behind a paywall or a "Reply to Unlock" button?
  • Are you using a desktop computer or a mobile device?
  • What browser are you using?

Once I have a better understanding of the issue, I can provide more specific suggestions.

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