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UserScript to change scroll friction/smoothness on mobile

Posted: 15-07-2022

after using Samsung internet beta on mobile I ve get used to its super smooth scrolling ,very different (from chrome /chromium based browser ).
luckily there are a few browser (kiwi and yandex Browser for example )which support UserScripts perfectly throughout violentmonkey and Tampermonkey .
I ve tried every script I ve found on greasyfork to chance scroll smoothness /friction but they won't work on mobile .
can please someone put something together I d love to use kiwi browser which also support any other chrome extension .
thank you very much for reading

Posted: 16-07-2022

@ale82to that's impossible to create in JS, it is individual browser feature, you can implement that only if you have your own browser + mobile langs skill.

Posted: 16-07-2022

I tought it was possible because an old library which kinda works on some sites exist :nicescroll

Posted: 17-07-2022

it is possible lol, but it's kinda hard

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