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How i hide this DIV

Posted: 08-06-2022
Edited: 08-06-2022

Hello... i need hide this div class, how i make this ? Thx

< div class="wrappContentDivW" id="screenLimitExceed">< div class="contentDiv">< h1 class="commanH1Modal">Exceeded Screen Limit?

< p class="commanPeraModal">Oops! Looks like you need to upgrade your plan in order to add more screens< /p>< /div>< /div>

Posted: 12-06-2022
Edited: 12-06-2022

You mean: document.querySelector('#screenLimitExceed').style='display:none;opacity:0;z-index:-9999;position:absolute;top:-9999;left:-9999;'; ?

Posted: 01-07-2022

@StickySkull I think document.querySelector('#screenLimitExceed').style.display = 'none !important' is enough.

Posted: 08-08-2022

ublock rule:

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