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GreasyFork Not Posting Latest Version

Posted: 26-12-2022

Hello! I'm the founder of Bitter, a userscript that makes Twitter better. I implemented a new automated updating system (code below)...

//Start Update Handler
var bitterVer = '1.5';

method: "GET",
url: "",
onload: function(response) {
var scriptText = response.responseText;
if (!scriptText.includes(bitterVer)) {
if (confirm("UPDATE AVAILABLE! You are running an outdated version (v"+bitterVer+"). Please click OK to update Bitter now. Otherwise, click Cancel to ignore this for now (you will be asked again next time you open Twitter).")) {
onerror: function(response) {
//End Update Handler

The problem? When I go to Twitter, its telling me that Bitter's running an outdated version (1.5 is the latest version), and when I click OK to update it tries to downgrade me to version 1.4. I tried going to the script URL directly, and it appears that GreasyFork is not posting the latest version of the script or there's some delay.

Is this an issue on GreasyFork's end, or is it my browser?

Posted: 02-01-2023

Right now, if I go to, I get version 1.5.1, which is the latest version listed in history. Is this problem still happening to you?

Posted: 11-01-2023

Sorry for the late response! It appears to be working now, but at the time of writing that message it wasn't. Maybe it just took awhile to cache? Sorry for wasting your time and have a great day! :)

Posted: 01-03-2023

Just an FYI (not a fix for your issue), you can use the "meta" URL here to get the version #. This avoids downloading the entire script with each version check:

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